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TERMS AND DEFINITIONS USED ON KRISSY4U – TALK (alphabetically listed with one exception)

I had an internal debate with myself (imagine being in on that conversation) about posting this page but I finally decided on doing it. I’ve never really been big on labels and such but it is one of the questions that I get asked on a fairly regular basis (“Why do you use the term, ‘Tgirl’? Isn’t that offensive?”) so I think it is important to know about the terms that I’ll be using here on Krissy4u – Talk and exactly how I define them.

Please keep in mind that these are PERSONAL definitions for the purposes of discussion. I realize that there are other parts of the world that define these terms differently, and other people who do so as well. These are not clinical or professional definitions, just how I view the terms themselves. I’d be interested to know your opinion if you define something differently!

T-COMMUNITY (TS Community) – I use this term quite a bit so I’ve placed it first. I use this as a collective term that embraces all persons who identify as a part of the LGB T community.

CIS (cisgender, cis-male, cis-female) – Personally, I dislike terms like this. I view the term ‘cis’ as a largely academic term which is used by persons who are either educated too much for their own good or by people wishing to appear so. Basically, the term means that your social and psychological identity is in accordance to your genetic identity, that is, if you identify as ‘cis-male’, you act socially as what is deemed ‘male’ by society at large. It is meant to be an ‘opposite’ of the term, ‘Trans’.

CROSSDRESSER – I view a Crossdresser as an individual who enjoys wearing clothing appropriate for the opposite gender for the purposes of sexual gratification. Crossdressers are more concerned with the sexual aspect of wearing articles of clothing rather than the psychological aspects of comfort and normality. Typically, a Crossdresser is not concerned with ‘passing’.

DRAG (Drag Queen) – I rarely use this term; however, I view Drag Performers as persons who primarily have an entertainment motive for dressing as women outside of porn. Obviously, Ru Paul is probably the most well known Drag Queen of today. I think Drag Performers often over-exaggerate the ‘feminine’ qualities of women which include long eyelashes, high cheekbones, curves, long fingernails, and etc. etc. The term is viewed as derogatory if applied to the T-Community.

GENDERQUEER, GENDERFLUID – These are some other terms that I largely dislike, mostly because they tend to muddy the waters, and persons using them seem to have a caustic reaction to be associated with other, more widely accepted terms. Basically, despite what persons using such terms would say, I view users of these terms as, quite simply, confused. I’ve found that mostly such terms will be used by young persons with some degree of education (or presenting as such) wishing to ‘rebel’ against societal norms. Basically these terms mean that you fall outside the accepted gender ‘binary’ of Male or Female, and even Trans. Ask a person identifying as GQ or GF and you’ll rarely get a cohesive explanation about their gender beliefs.

GG (Genetic Girl) – This is a term that I use to compare or contrast those in the T-Community with persons who were born as genetic girls (women).

KATHOEY – A term not widely used in Western cultures but referring specifically to Asian Shemales (Ladyboys) from Thailand. Depending on usage, this term may have derogatory meanings.

LADYBOY – A term mostly used in porn to describe Asian Shemales. This term’s definitely really varies by location, but it is largely considered to be a derogatory term when applied outside of the porn community in Western cultures.

NEWHALF – A term most used in porn to describe Asian Shemales (Ladyboys) specifically in Japan.

POST-OP, PRE-OP – Post-Operative and Pre-Operative refers to members of the T-Community who have not undertaken SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) to present as their identified gender, that is, persons who have gotten breast implants are not considered ‘Post-Op’. Pre-Op is usually only used by persons who have plans to have SRS.

SHEMALE (she-male) – I use ‘Shemale’ exclusively as a porn term. While this term is largely viewed by the T-Community as a derogatory term, I view it simply as a term that Transsexuals use to identify that they work in the porn industry. When used outside of porn, it is a derogatory term.

T-GIRL (Tgirl) – This is the term that I chose to use for my site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. I chose this term basically because it sounded good, not out of any long, drawn out thought process about it. I view ‘T-girl’ as a generic term to describe a person who identifies as a part of the T-Community. I think this term is 50/50 when applied to the T-Community, with some people viewing it as derogatory and others as OK.

TRANNY – This is also a term that is largely viewed as highly derogatory when it comes to the T-Community. I view it basically the same as ‘Shemale’ although there are some persons within even the porn community who have a strong dislike of the term. When used outside of porn, it is a derogatory term.

TRANSGENDERED (TG) – The easy way to think about this term versus the term, ‘Transsexual’ is that ‘Transgendered’ typically refers to a state of mind rather than a sexual orientation… and even that is a complicated mess to explain. I rarely use this term simply because it is such a muddied term that really isn’t defined well both in and out of the T-Community.

TRANSSEXUAL (TS, TRANS) – Without getting all academic about this term, I view it as a largely ‘safe’ word to use when describing persons identifying with the T-Community. I will often use this term when I am unsure of how a person is identifying or when referring to ‘Transsexuals’ in general (TS). Transsexual is largely a clinical term that refers to persons who do not identify with their socially accepted genders.

TRANSVESTITE – To me, ‘Transvestite’ has more of a clinical sound to it; however, I use the term to describe individuals who, for whatever reason, dress in clothing of the opposite sex, but not necessarily for sexual gratification. That is, the sexual aspect is not the driving force behind ‘dressing up’. Transvestites tend to take ‘passing’ much more seriously than the ‘Crossdresser’, applying makeup, shaving body hair, using wigs, and etc. Still, this term is viewed by the T-Community as large derogatory so you should be careful how you use it.

TRAP – A relatively new term that implies that a person has the ability to present as their identified gender so convincingly as to ‘trap’ other persons. Mostly used in a hook-up / sexual setting as in, ‘I met this girl at a bar and we ended up in bed where I found she was a Trap!’.

TRAVESTI – A term used primarily by Latin and South American cultures (also some European) to describe what Western cultures commonly refer to as ‘Transvestites’.


There are a whole host of other terms that people use to describe their sexuality and gender identity. I rarely use these terms because they are either largely academic or quite bluntly, created and used by people who have a narcissistic tendency to have a whole category all to themselves. Honestly people, let’s not make this more complicated that it really is! That being said, if a person identifies themselves as one of these other terms, they should be treated with the same respect that you demand for and give the T-Community.

Bigender, Pangendered, Third Gendered, Trigendered, Genderfucker, etc. etc.

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